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Letter From the Frisco Chamber President

At the end of each year…we naturally look back to assess how everything went, where we stand, and to look forward to the following year. Looking back at 2017, there is no doubt that the Frisco Chamber of Commerce has achieved new levels of accomplishment in many areas – telling our story, advocating for our members and the business community, building our financial reserves, and more! There is no doubt that YOUR Frisco Chamber is a very good chamber!

To use an analogy I came up with many years ago, there is no doubt we are no longer simply the “thermometer” of the business community…telling everyone what the business climate is and what is going on. No, in fact, we are now a “thermostat” for the business community…actively engaging and being a strong part of what is happening in the business community and causing change to occur. As our Strategic Plan is titled, we are becoming “Kick A** Problem Solvers!”

With that being said, and to borrow from a famous book, it is now time to not just be a GOOD is time to now become a GREAT chamber! As one member recently order for the Frisco Chamber to succeed, the Chamber must work hard to make sure all of our members are successful.  In order to do this over the coming year and beyond, we will NOT need to make changes to our underlying mission statement…our mission will continue to be “to protect and promote business through advocacy, resources, and connections.” We just need to do MORE in these key areas.

Advocacy will be an even bigger focus for us - problem-solving and conducting governmental affairs to keep this business community strong and growing. Resources will be a much stronger component as we go forward to give our business owners and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed and share with one another. And finally, yes…there will always be great connections to be made which will, in turn, strengthen our business community.

Good to GREAT...that is our mission and focus for 2019! Are you ready to be a part of making this happen?

Tony Felker, CCE, IOM

President and CEO
Frisco Chamber of Commerce



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